Advantages of Using eWallets 


eWallets, which are also referred to as digital or mobile wallets, are very popular these days and the future for payments online. They make transactions around the world much more convenient, secure, and faster. If you use a smartphone or a personal computer an eWallet can be used for such things as simpler online payment transactions, depositing and withdrawing at gaming websites, topping up your account for trades in the forex market, sending and receiving funds from all over the world, and more. 

What is an eWallet? 


Basically, eWallet applications give you a very simple way to store funds and easily make online payments with a single tap on your smartphone. You fund an eWallet, as they are linked to both credit and debit cards. Since eWallets came into the picture they continue to grow giving users easier and quicker options for making payments. 


EWallets enable you to take care of a significant number of various stores of value. For example, with a Skrill eWallet you can choose between over 40 currencies to store your funds. 


Ok, so now you know what eWallets are, but now we’ll show you the benefits of using them. 


  • Simple and Convenient Way to Buy Online – If you have an eWallet there is no need to have physical cards, such as credit and debit cards. If you link the necessary accounts, purchasing things online is much easier and faster. 
  • Top-Notch Security – It is not uncommon for people to lose their credit or debit card or have them stolen. If you have an eWallet it greatly decreases the chance of fraudulent activity since they have airtight encryption as well as the protection of your password. Because of these things your personal data and funds are very secure and this is the case even if your smartphone is lost or stolen. 
  • Move Money Inexpensively – Ewallets will have transparent fees and costs of an inexpensive nature for moving money and it is always much cheaper than doing so with a typical financial institution. This is very advantageous for expats that need to get money from anywhere in the world or for sending funds to loved ones back at home. 
  • The Rewards – Typically, eWallets will have a type of rewards program available to users with some great benefits. Often, they are tiered programs with various levels where the higher level you are in the more rewards you can receive. You can get discounts on buying things online, lower ATM withdrawal fees, lower FX fees, dedicated customer service, and more. There are some eWallet reward programs where you can exchange accumulated points for cold hard cash. 
  • Online Traders Have It Everything Together – Trading in cryptos and in the forex market is very popular these days. EWallets for online traders is a very valuable tool that they can use to keep everything together. Just with one click traders can move funds both in and out of any type of trading platform online. 


In speaking about the last point Skrill has a digital crypto wallet that is, in essence, a custodian wallet that is typically exchange held. Because of this, the eWallet for digital currency is not possessed by the user but rather held in favor by a specific third party. The crypto exchange will have detailed records that will show Skrill the crypto that is held for you by the third party. You can receive more information on this issue by checking out the Skrill Cryptocurrency Risk Statement and for even more crypto information you can check out Skrill’s Cryptocurrency Service. 

The Skrill eWallet 


Skrill is one of the more popular eWallets the world over and with good reason. There are millions of people that use Skrill and that eWallet allows for easy and fast transactions and more. A Skrill eWallet can be used to: 


  • Deposit funds into your eWallet in a few different ways such as a credit or debit card or a transfer from a bank. 
  • Pay online with ease using the unique Skrill 1-tap
  • Access in excess of 40 currencies. 
  • Instantly buy and sell over 40 types of cryptocurrencies


As you can see there are many advantages to using eWallets. If you want an easy way to manage funds, pay online, trade in various markets, and more than don’t delay and sign up to get an eWallet right now and see all that it offers you. 

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