Free money transfers at new Neteller VIP level

Neteller has announced the introduction of a new VIP level, called Neteller TRUE. These news have been long awaited ever since the Skriller Verified level was mentioned for the sister brand Skrill. The new level gives customers very achievable way of getting free money transfers between Neteller accounts, something that has been unattainable for a long time.

neteller true

Lower fees at Neteller

The new VIP level allows customers to transfer money to other Neteller customers without paying any fees at all. The previously applied fee is something that made Neteller relatively costly compared to other online banking methods, and Neteller has definitely received a lot of feedback on over the years.

Neteller Standard VIPNeteller TRUE
Money transfer fee1.45%Free

Free Neteller prepaid Mastercard

Besides being able to send 100% free customer-to-customer transfers when receiving Neteller TRUE, there are more benefits up for grabs. Customers that complete the process to receive the new status can order a Neteller prepaid Mastercard completely free of charge. The Neteller card usually comes with a 10€ shipping and handling fee, which is now being fully voided.

How to receive Neteller TRUE

The process of receiving Neteller TRUE status is quick and easily attainable for all customers. Simply follow these 3 steps:

  1. Download the Neteller App
  2. Make an eligible deposit to your Neteller account
  3. Verify your identity at Neteller

Downloading the Neteller app

Once you have created your Neteller account through EwalletVIP, you can download the Neteller app through Google Play or App store. This is of course completely free and does not come with any hidden fees. When the app is installed on your phone, login with your details.

Make an eligible deposit to Neteller

The next step is to make an eligible deposit to your Neteller account. This is essentially a way for Neteller to briefly verify your payment details. Eligible deposits in this case means either a bank transfer or a deposit from a credit card. Deposits made from Paysafecard or paysafecash does not count as eligible, and neither does account transfers or Bitpay.

Verify your identity at Neteller

The third and final step to receive Neteller TRUE is to verify your identity at Neteller. This is a very easy process, that is made even easier by the EwalletVIP Neteller verification guide. The process should take no more than a few minutes and is completed by having an ID close by.

Apply for Neteller Bronze VIP Pro

Step 1: Create an account at Neteller below! If you already have an account, choose "Existing account"
Step 2: Fill in your details below!
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