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Neteller in Bangladesh


For customers trying to move money around the internet, there are certain limitations set up by the Bangladeshi banks and financial institutions. However, Neteller is one of the few operators that still have been able to maintain a strong presence within the Bangladeshi community, offering its services there for almost over a decade.

Depending on your internet provider or your banking connections, you might need to use a VPN service (they are mostly free and safe to use) to access the official site.

For playing online to paying your e-shopping, Neteller has to be one of the best providers for these purposes. Read our guide of how to setup a Bangladeshi Neteller account, and be on your way of earning cashback and other VIP benefits!


Neteller VIP Program Bangladesh

If you’ve never used Neteller, you’re in for a surprise. Neteller offers a wide variety of different perks when you are constantly using your Neteller account to transfer money around the internet. The more you transfer, the more you’re getting in return. Through eWalletVIP you’re going to get even more perks, as we have something special to show you! Watch how it all works and become a Neteller VIP without transferring tens of thousands of dollars first!

Neteller in Bangladesh – how to get instant VIP level & cashback

Neteller has a basic VIP program, including 5 regular levels. These are: Bronze VIP, Silver VIP, Gold VIP, Platinum VIP, Diamond VIP. These are all available at, but wait, there’s one more level! Neteller has a contract with special vendors who are able to offer “secret” VIP levels to it’s players – is one of those vendors. If you join through us, you’ll get INSTANTLY bumped to Bronze Pro VIP (not available for regular Neteller users).

Bronze Pro VIP gives you:

  • Instant Neteller VIP Boost
  • Neteller VIP upgrade possibilities to higher levels (i.e. VIP Silver)
  • 0.3% Special cashback, offered by eWalletVIP
  • Lower fees on almost all transactions made through Neteller

Get your free Neteller VIP status by signing up from here!


Neteller in online gambling – Bangladesh

For players residing in Bangladesh, there are some fantastic benefits of using Neteller. Neteller doesn’t block any transfers to online casinos, regardless if you’re living in Bangladesh or not. As we mentioned earlier, you should still be on the lookout for reputable VPN providers, as you might need to use it from time to time. Also, make sure your bank doesn’t block transfers to Neteller, and you should be good to go!



Is Neteller legal in Bangladesh?

Yes, there are no special mentions on Neteller T&C’s, and customers are warmly welcomed to create their free Neteller account if they reside in Bangladesh.

Can I use Neteller to deposit for online gambling?

Neteller doesn’t deny these transfers, but please note that Bangladeshi banks might do that from time to time. Usually customers from Bangladesh are still able to deposit on casino sites whenever they want.

How fast are Neteller withdrawals?

If you’re withdrawing from a merchant (online casino), the transaction will usually get processed immediately. To get funds back to your bank account from your Neteller account, it might take around 3 to 5 business days.

Can I use the Neteller MasterCard in Bangladesh?

Bangladeshi customers are not able to order the Neteller MasterCard due to country restrictions set by Neteller.

Last Updated on September 28, 2020