Ecopayz is an online payment option that is widely accepted at online casinos around the world. The company is an established one launching in 2000 and it is one of the more popular e-wallets the world over. It is one of the more popular payment choices for online gamblers, as deposits and withdrawals can be made using the e-wallet.

A couple of other reasons that Ecopayz is popular with people that play at online casinos is that it is easy to take care of financial issues and the security is top-notch. Any transaction using the e-wallet is very easy and fast and that is key when playing at online casinos. Deposits are instant, so you can fund the online gambling site you like to play at and then start to play your favorite games right away. Because Ecopayz is one of the most popular e-wallets almost all online gambling websites accept it is as a banking method.

It is simple to open an ecoAccount and right when you fund it you will be able to use those funds for whatever you like including playing at online casinos. There are several ways to fund your account, such as using credit cards, debit cards, bank wire, or other online payment services. One of the nice things about Ecopayz is that it is a global e-wallet that accepts over 40 currencies including the Canadian Dollar.

Ecopayz Security

Any time you play at an online casino safety and security is of utmost importance. That is where Ecopayz shines, as they have many measures in place to ensure that a person’s financial and personal information is 100% safe and secure. They also make it a point to show users that they do not share their personal or financial information to third parties.

Some of the security measures taken by Ecopayz are:

  • The Ecopayz website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).
  • Ecopayz is certified by the Thawte Certification Authority, Payment Card Industry (PCI), and Data Security Standards (DDS).
  • Ecopayz offers new safe products to customers such as ecoVoucher and ecoVirtualcard.
  • 2-step verification.

Ecopayz Fees

Ecopayz has rather low fees when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. The exact amount of the fee will depend on the financial payment options that are available in the country you reside in. Ecopayz users are also subject to various corresponding banking fees and charges for the transactions that are international.

Here are some of the common fees associated with the more popular deposit options:

  • Bank Wire – 0% to 10% of deposit (depends on where you reside)
  • Mastercard deposit – 1.69-6.00% (depends on where you reside)
  • Visa deposit – 1.69-6.00% (depends on where you reside)
  • ecoVoucher deposit – 0.00-2.90% (depends on where you reside)
  • codePayz deposit – Free
  • Send / Receive money via Western Union – Free

The withdrawal fees will also differ depending on where you reside. For withdrawing to a credit card it will depend on the bank that issued the card and you may be charged a fee from the bank as well. If you withdrawal from your Ecopayz account to your bank account the fee is from 5.90 to 10.00 EUR (9.05 CAD to 15.30 CAD). A Transfer to/from ecoPayz Merchant and Two-factor Authentication are both free.

It is free to open an Ecopayz account but if you have not had any activity for that account for a year you will be charged 1.5 Euros (2.30 CAD) per month.

Ecopayz VIP

Ecopayz has a VIP program where the higher level that you are in the more benefits you will receive. The five levels in the program are Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. When you register for an Ecopayz account you are automatically in the Classic program. Then right after you finish the verification process you move up to the Silver Program.

  • To reach the Gold level you need to deposit at least 5,000 EUR
  • To reach the Platinum level you need to deposit at least 50,000 EUR
  • To reach the VIP level you need to deposit at least 50,000 EUR

Some of the benefits you will receive when you move up in the levels of the program include:

  • Lower deposit fees
  • Lower withdrawal fees
  • Higher deposit limits
  • Higher withdrawal limits
  • Lower currency conversion fee

Ecopayz VIP Upgrade

Due to a long lasting relationship between EwalletVIP and Ecopayz, we are able to offer customer that sign up through us extra benefits. While regular customers need to climb all of the steps of the VIP program, signing up through us means that you are able to get instantly boosted to Gold VIP after fully verifying the account. This is a completely free service that does not require anything other than using our links when registering. The requirement for regular customers is €5,000 in transfers to merchants, so receiving this upgrade has 0 downside.

How do I get Ecopayz VIP upgrade?

In order to get instantly upgrade to Gold VIP at Ecopayz through Ewallet VIP, you need to complete the following steps:

  • Sign up your Ecopayz account in the form below, and submit your details.
  • Verify your account while logged in to Ecopayz. There is a straight forward step by step guide to follow, so it should take no more than a few minutes.
  • Done! Thats it. Once this is done, your account will be upgraded after 24 hours.

Ecopayz Verification

Once you open an Ecopayz account you should complete the verification process in order to remove restrictions from your account. When you complete the verification process you are already enrolled in the Silver level of the VIP program. Here are the steps to take to verify your Ecopayz account:

  • Login to your Ecopayz account and click the Upgrade to Silver ecoAccount link.
  • You will be taken to the steps to take to verify your account and you will have to verify your e-mail address, address, and identity.
  • When you start the verification process you will be sent a link to your e-mail and simply click it to verify your e-mail address.
  • You will then set up a security question and answer for use if you forget your password.
  • You then will need to verify your identity. You have to upload a photo, front and back, from a photo ID such as a current passport, current driver’s license, or current ID card.
  • You will then need to verify your physical address. You can use a bank statement, gas bill, electricity, bill, or certificate of residence. If you use a bank statement or some kind of bill it cannot be older than 90 days.
  • The last thing you need to do is take a selfie and then upload the photo.
  • You will get a notification e-mail from Ecopayz once your account is verified.

Ecopayz Deposits and Withdrawals at Online Gambling Websites

Just like making deposits and withdrawals to your ecoAccount is fast and easy so it the process for deposits and withdrawals at the online casino you want to play at.

Here is the process of transferring from Ecopayz to an online casino account:

  • Make sure you have enough money in your Ecopayz account.
  • Login into your online casino and go to the Cashier section.
  • Choose the Ecopayz option for deposits.
  • You will then be given directions to sign into your Ecopayz account and input the money you want to deposit into your online casino account.
  • Check your Ecopayz account to make sure the money has been transferred.

When making a deposit with Ecopayz at an online casino you should check for bonuses and promotions that you may be eligible for. Oftentimes, online casinos will offer bonuses for deposits whether it be an initial deposit or you are reloading your casino account. The processing time is instant using Ecopayz, so right after you deposit, you are ready to play your favorite games.

Here is the process for withdrawing from your online casino account to your Ecopayz account:

  • Login into your online casino and go to the Cashier section.
  • Choose the Ecopayz option for withdrawals.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw. Typically the minimum withdrawal amount is 10 US Dollars (13.60 CAD) and the maximum withdrawal limit will depend on the online casino you play at.
  • Typically the processing time for withdrawals for online casinos using Ecopayz is 1-3 days.

Ecopayz Limits

The limits for deposits and withdrawals using Ecopayz will depend on the payment option used as well as the VIP program level you are at. The deposit limits and withdrawal limits are higher the higher level that you are in the VIP program. For example, the deposit limits for credit or debit cards in the Silver Program are:

  • Single transaction – 1,000.00 EUR
  • Maximum daily transactions – 3,000.00 EUR
  • Maximum weekly transactions – 5,000.00 EUR
  • Maximum Monthly transactions – 10,000.00 EUR

You can see all of the limits for deposits and withdrawals on the Ecopayz website. The minimum deposit and withdrawal are typically 10 (13.60 CAD) EUR and 5 EUR (6.80 CAD) for transferring to a bank account.

Ecopayz Mobile

You can take care of pretty much all of the banking issues on the Ecopayz mobile app as you can your desktop. Having the mobile app allows you to deposit and withdraw funds, make purchases, and contact customer support. If you play at online casinos through your mobile device you can also deposit and withdraw money to your online casino account through the Ecopayz mobile app.

The Ecopayz mobile app is available at the Google Play and Apple Store and it is free to download.

Ecopayz Mastercard

When you open an account with Ecopayz you can apply for an ecoCard, which is a Mastercard supported prepaid card. You can fund the prepaid card right from your ecoAccount and then use it wherever you want such as your favorite online casino.

One of the main reasons that the ecoCard is so popular with users, especially those who play ay online casinos, is that being a prepaid card no bank account is needed and there are not any credit checks. Also, with using the prepaid card at an online casino you cannot go over the limit of the card, which is a good option if you have issues managing your online casino bankroll.

You can get up to three ecoCards one for each of the currencies of Euros, US Dollars, and Pounds. You can also apply for an ecoVirtualcard, which is not a physical card but you can use your phone to make payments wherever contactless payments for Mastercard are accepted. The virtual card expires after you use it and you can get the card on your phone in Euros, US Dollars, or Pounds.

ecopayz mastercard