Neteller Fees

Like every business in the world, Neteller also charges its customers so that they can keep their service up and running. Fees at Neteller are mandatory, but there are several ways of how you can take advantage of the Neteller VIP levels, which automatically lowers your everyday fees when using this service.

EwalletVIP is one of the few exclusive partners that can offer customers something special when it comes to registering Neteller account. We’re going to show you how Neteller fees are formed, and the we’re going to show you how VIP customers will pay less of them!

 How to lower Neteller fees

 The first thing you see when you look at the Neteller fees -list, is the fact that you need to pay almost 20% commission on your first P2P transfer (when you send money to another Neteller account). It’s a big number, but you shouldn’t be afraid of it, as when you register your account through us, you don’t have to worry about it. Even with the first VIP level, the fees for P2P transfers are 1.45%, 10 USD max.

Check out the list where Neteller VIP customers pay less fees than others:

  • Currency conversions
  • Depositing to Neteller (top up)
  • Bank Account Withdrawals
  • Withdrawal to Member Wire

The higher your Neteller VIP level is, the lower your fees get!