MuchBetter is a payment option for playing at online casinos and what sets it apart from other payment options is that it is optimized for online gambling. Everything is done from the mobile application and signing up for an account is very simple.

While only established in 2017 MuchBetter has become a very popular way for people to fund and withdraw from their online gaming accounts. While rather new it has already won several prestigious rewards such as the Mobile Payment Solution of the Year at the 2019 SBC Awards.

The main reasons that MuchBetter is a solid and popular payment option at online casinos are it is simple to use, offers customers the utmost convenience, has top-flight safety and security, and low fees. There is a Rewards Program for members where you can win things such as free cash and trips in the weekly and yearly drawings.

The main currencies that are supported are Euros & U.S. Dollars, However, depending on your location, you can have the wallet in your local currency, such as CAD/PLN/GBP/RUB.

One of the cool things about MuchBetter is that it is affiliated with many of the top gambling websites around the world. If you play at any of those sites and have a MuchBetter app you will be notified when those sites are offering bonuses and promotions. The advantages of using MuchBetter at online gambling sites are:

  • A simple way to manage online gambling accounts.
  • Fast transactions for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Low fees.
  • Higher deposit acceptance rates
  • Rewards from MuchBetter as well as rewards from online gambling websites.
  • Earn MuchBetter Rewards points every time you spend 10 US Dollars at online gambling websites.

MuchBetter Security

Safety and security are of utmost importance for a payment option when playing at an online casinos. That is one of the main reasons that MuchBetter is great for financial transactions at gambling websites, as it takes all the measures to ensure that a customer has 100% safety and security at gaming at sites using this payment option.

MuchBetter not only uses the latest technology to ensure security but its product is catered to online gambling, which gives members an extra sense of safety when using the payment option to gamble online. Here are some of the security measures that are in place:

  • Device Pairing
  • Dynamic security codes
  • Touch ID process
  • A unique financial review system
  • All financial and personal information for customers is protected on the cloud.

MuchBetter Fees

There are some free deposit and withdrawal options associated with MuchBetter while others will carry rather low fees. Through your MuchBetter mobile app you can see all the deposit and withdrawal methods that you can use, and the fees associated with them.

There are many deposit methods and here are some of the fees for some of the more popular ones used:

  • Bank Transfer – Free
  • Yandex – Free
  • Mastercard – 0-5% of the deposit depending on the country you reside in.
  • Visa Card – 0-5% of the deposit depending on the country you reside in.
  • Bitcoin – 2% of the deposit.

Here are some of the fees associated with withdrawal options:

  • Bank Transfer – 2 – 2.5% of the withdrawal amount
  • Yandex – 2.5% of the withdrawal amount
  • Bitcoin – 2% of the withdrawal amount

Person to person transfers between MuchBetter customers is free. There is a fee of 0.99% of transactions where currencies must be exchanged. So, if you are depositing Canadian Dollars into your MuchBetter account you will be charged this fee.

Transfer to friends (P2P)Free
Receive transfers (P2P)Free
Send to merchantFree
Request a giftFree
Send a giftFree
Request money from friendFree
Currency conversion0.99%

Muchbetter Verification

Once you open an account, which is easy and simple, you will need to verify your account before you start using the payment option at online gambling sites. Here is the verification process:

  • Open your MuchBetter mobile application.
  • Fill in the required information such as your phone number, physical address, and email address. It is here where you will also be prompted to set up security questions that you will need to answer if you happen to forget your password.
  • You will be sent an email to the email address given and you click the link to verify your email address.
  • You will need to upload a photo on the mobile app and it has to be a clear one. You can use such things as a current and valid passport and a current and valid driver’s license or ID card.
  • You will need to upload some type of utility bill such as a bank statement, water bill, or electricity bill to verify your address.
  • When you are finished filling out all of the required information and uploading a photo and utility bill MuchBetter will review it.
  • If all the information is deemed valid by MuchBetter you will be sent a verification e-mail and you can begin to use MuchBetter at online gambling sites.

MuchBetter Deposits and Withdrawals at Online Gambling Websites

Making deposits and withdrawals is very simple. One of the main reasons the payment option is so popular is that it caters to online gambling, so deposits and withdrawals at online gambling sites are fast and simple.


Here are the steps for depositing funds from your MuchBetter account into your online casino account.

  • Login to the online gambling site you play at and want to deposit at.
  • Go to the Cashier or Payments section.
  • Look for the MuchBetter option and it is typically a logo on gaming sites and click Deposit.
  • Input the amount that you want to transfer and double-check the amount.
  • Approve the deposit.
  • You will be notified that the transaction was approved on your MuchBetter mobile app. You can also be notified on your online gambling site app if you have one.

With MuchBetter optimized for online gambling the deposit processing times are usually instant.


Here are the steps to take to withdraw money from your online gambling website to transfer to your MuchBetter account.

  • Login to the online gambling site you play at and want to withdraw from.
  • Go to the Cashier or Payments section.
  • Choose the MuchBetter withdrawal option.
  • Put the amount of money you want to withdraw from the gambling site account to your MB account.
  • Verify the withdrawal.
  • You will receive a notification from MuchBetter on your mobile phone that the withdrawal was successful.

The withdrawal processing times will differ depending on the online gambling site you are playing at. Sometimes the withdrawal times can be just minutes and sometimes it can take between 1-3 business days.

Muchbetter withdrawal fees

MethodMin. amountFee
SEPA Bank transfer202%-2.5%
Wire Transfer25050€+2%

MuchBetter Limits

The limits for deposits and withdrawals to and from your account will depend on the payment option that you use. Through your mobile application, you will be able to see the different limits for the many deposit options as well as for the withdrawal options. Because of banking laws, the withdrawal limits will also depend on what country you reside in.

The minimum deposit into your account is 10 US Dollars. Typically, the minimum withdrawal amount is also 10 US Dollars.

MuchBetter Mobile

MuchBetter is a payment option where everything is done through your mobile device. You can set up an account from the here through EwalletVIP but then after that, all of the transactions are done through the mobile application.

Through your mobile device, you can deposit and withdraw at online gambling websites, contact customer service, take advantage of the MuchBetter Rewards Program, and check out your transaction history. You can download the application for free at the Google Play and the Apple App Store.

MuchBetter Mastercard

If you have a MuchBetter account you can apply for a MuchBetter Mastercard. You can use the card like any other credit card making purchases and using it to withdraw money from ATM’s.

To get a Mastercard all you have to do is have at least 30 Euros in your MuchBetter account, open the Devices tab on your MuchBetter mobile app, and then choose to Get a Free Card. The card will then be shipped to you in a few business days.

The fees for the Mastercard are:

  • Withdrawing money from an ATM – 0.99%
  • Currency conversion fee (FX fee) for USD/EUR/GBP – 0.99%

As of June 2020, the MB Mastercard is only available in the countries that are in the European Union. You will have access only if your account is registered to an address in Europe.

Final Thoughts

MuchBetter is a very convenient payment option that is optimized for online gambling. This is unique and because of that, there are a few perks for users when gambling online that other payment options simply do not offer. Using MuchBetter to deposit and withdraw at online gambling sites is fast, easy, and offers total safety and security.