EcoPayz Mastercard

EcoPayz is a very reputable and well-known eWallet that is used the world over to send and receive money as well as making purchases online. It is one of the more popular eWallets because of how easy it is to use, has top-notch transaction security, and low fees. There is a solid Rewards Program and several other great products such as the EcoPayz MasterCard, ecoCard, and ecoVirtualcard.

You can use ecoPayz, as well as some of the products such as the ecoPayz Mastercard, for deposits and withdrawals at online gaming sites such as casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms. Not only is the eWallet accepted at most online gaming sites as a banking method, but offers players excellent security. By using ecoPayz at online gaming sites you will not have to give the site you play at any of your personal or financial information. On top of that using the eWallet will almost always have instant processing times and very fast withdrawal processing times.

In the ecoPayz Rewards Program, there are five levels in Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. You are registered in the Classic level right when you open an ecoPayz account. To get the ecoPayz MasterCard you have to be in the Silver level, but all you need to do to upgrade to that level is verify your identity and address. You can do this by simply sending a photo ID document to verify your identity. To verify your address you will need to give a document such as a bank statement or utility bill as well as a selfie photo of yourself.

EcoPayz Mastercard features

The contactless ecoPayz Mastercard is easy and free to get if you have an ecoPayz account and offers you many things. The benefits of having the card are:

  • No credit check is required to get the card.
  • Advanced security.
  • You can get three cards in eight different currencies (US Dollar, Euro, GB Pound, Polish Zloty, Denmark Kroner, Czech Republic Koruny, Norwegian Kroner, Swedish Kroner).
  • You can use the card to purchase things online and in retail locations anywhere in the world where Mastercard is accepted.
  • You can use the card at ATM’s around the world.
  • You have control over your spending, as you have instant access to your ecoAccount funds, so you can add to your balance at any time.
  • You can use the card to make deposits and withdrawals at online gaming sites.

Ordering a contactless ecoPayz Mastercard is a quick and simple process, as all you have to do is log onto your ecoPayz account and order the card. Then the card will be mailed to you within a few days and you are ready to use it when you activate the card in your ecoAccount.

ecopayz mastercard

EcoPayz Mastercard Security

The ecoPayz Mastercard gives you solid security when you use the card for making purchases or taking out money at worldwide ATM’s. You can freeze your card at any time, so it cannot be used. Then you simply have to unfreeze the card in your ecoPayz account to get it going again. this is a great option if you are traveling or simply want to give yourself an extra security blanket knowing the card cannot be used.

The EcoPayz Mastercard is a contactless card where you can use at contactless payment stations at retail locations. You have the ability to disable the contactless option so that to use the card you will have to input your password. This is a good option if your card is lost or stolen nobody will be able to use the card at a contactless terminal.

EcoPayz is very serious about member’s security and you can read all the measures taken to ensure that in the Security Policy link on the ecoPayz website.

EcoPayz Mastercard Fees

The EcoPayz Mastercard has various fees and limits and the fees are small and the limits are large. One of the great things is that there are many things that are free for the card such as card issue and activation, card renewal, and balance inquiry, account inquiry, and statement inquiry to just name a few.

Here are some of the other fees associated with the EcoPayz Mastercard:

  • Cash Withdrawals (ATM withdrawals and withdrawals in a bank) – 2% of transaction with a minimum charge of $1.50.
  • Cash Services (bank services; Forex, money orders, traveler’s checks; security brokers and Dealers, online gaming, and lottery) – 4% of transaction with a minimum charge of $.80.
  • Card Replacement – $12.50

If you use the EcoPayz Mastercard at online gaming websites there is typically never a fee for making deposits. However, there may be a fee for making a withdrawal and that fee will depend on the gaming site.

ecopayz mastercard fees

Min single transactionNo limit No limit
Max single contactless transaction 50 EUR50 EUR
Cumulative contactless transaction amount 150 EUR150 EUR
Cumulative number of consecutive contactless transactions55
Max single cash* transaction 250 EUR250 EUR
Max single purchase** transaction 5,500 EUR5,500 EUR
Maximum number of ATM withdrawals per day 1010
Max daily (cash* transactions)750 EUR1,500 EUR
Max daily (purchase** transactions)5,500 EUR11,000 EUR
Max monthly (cash* transactions)No limitNo limit
Max monthly (purchase** transactions)22,500 EUR112,500 EUR
Max yearly (purchase** transactions) 112,500 EUR550,000 EUR
Card Life 2 Years2 Years

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