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MuchBetter is a payment application that is optimized for online gambling. It is simple to use the MuchBetter application and one of the main reasons it is so popular is that it offers top-notch security for customers, which is crucial when gambling online. Security is taken care of by the use of the latest technology. Speaking of technology, MuchBetter has taken it a step further with partnering up with Winwatch to launch the MuchBetter Winwatch.

Winwatch is a Swiss smart glass provider and the MuchBetter Winwatch is a unique analogue payments steel watch that is very sleek and attractive and supports functionality for smart payments. So, you can use the MuchBetter Winwatch just like your mobile device when taking care of financial transactions at online gambling websites or anywhere that accepts Mastercard contactless payments are accepted.

The MuchBetter Winwatch is the very first watch available that uses the STISS payment glass, which is a very strong sapphire glass that allows for contactless payments. As of June 2020, the maximum payments that can be made through the MuchBetter Winwatch is 45 Euros (69 CAD). However, you can make payments of more that amount but you will have to input your PIN code for the watch.

In terms of payment glass STISS stands for Swiss Technology Inside Smart Sapphire. Sapphire is the second hardest material on earth after diamonds. The luxury metal watch not only allows for contactless payments but is also scratch-resistant. The payment technology is sealed inside the sapphire glass, the chip is notch protected, and the antenna is hidden by a coating of silver.

The MuchBetter Winwatch can be used just like any other type of contactless payment option when you pair the watch to your MuchBetter application on your mobile device. The payments from the watch come from your MuchBetter account and while you can fund that account using your mobile device you do not need that device on you physically to make payments with the watch.

The Sleek Look

The MuchBetter Winwatch is a very stylish watch that could not be any more sleek or attractive. The watch is all black, band and face, and the band is rubber. Numbers are white and on the face of the watch, there is also a 60 second counter. Other details and specifications of the MuchBetter Winwatch are:

Technical details and specifications of the MuchBetter Winwatch:

  • Movement Type: quartz ETA G10.212;
  • Watch case: stainless steel 41mm black and PVD plated for protection
  • Screwed in stainless steel cover on the back of the watch
  • STISS sapphire glass with contactless payment chip inside – (chip is valid for 5 years)
  • Black rubber watchband
  • Black Dial Color
  • Special features: date Indication and 60 second counter.
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters
  • international warranty of 2 years.
muchbetter winwatch

How to get MuchBetter Winwatch

You can order the MuchBetter Winwatch through your MuchBetter mobile application and you can also order it through the Winwatch website. Once the watch is paired with your MuchBetter app you can use to make contactless payments anywhere where Mastercard contactless payments are accepted. The MuchBetter Winwatch comes with a two-year guarantee.

For delivery of the MuchBetter Winwatch, it will typically be shipped within 3-5 days if you live in the United Kingdom or in countries that are in the European Union. If you reside anywhere else you can look on the Winwatch and see how long delivery will take. Through the website, you can also choose the option to upgrade delivery to get the watch faster.

It was stated before the MuchBetter is a payment app that has top-notch security. This goes for the MuchBetter Winwatch as well, as after every five transactions using the watch you will need to go into your MuchBetter application Device menu and choose to unfreeze. The watch is frozen from making payments after five transactions, as this is an extra layer of security against any unwarranted fraud risks. By selecting unfreeze on the app you unlock the watch for more transactions.

You also have the option to lock and unlock the watch at any time to stop making contactless payments. This is a great option and yet another security blanket that MuchBetter offers. Any time you take off the watch to do things such as go swimming or at the beach, it is a good idea to lock the watch. In case your watch is stolen nobody can make contactless payments if it is locked.

How to Activate Your MuchBetter WinWatch

Here are the steps to take to activate your MuchBetter WinWatch:

  • Sign into your MuchBetter mobile application.
  • Go to the Devices section selecting the wireless logo.
  • Activate the watch by inputting the 9-digit activation code that you received in the packaging for the WinWatch.
  • Make your first contactless transaction.

Can I use my MuchBetter WinWatch for Withdrawals at Online Gambling Websites?

While you can use your MuchBetter WinWatch to make deposits at online gambling websites you cannot use it to make withdrawals. To make withdrawals from the site you play at you will need to use the MuchBetter mobile app.

How to Place the Watch for Contactless Payment

You will place the glass in front of the watch close to the middle of the contactless symbol that is on the sales terminal. Basically, move your wrist about 2 millimeters from the sales terminal and you will be prompted when it is read.

How Do I Know That the Contactless Payment is successful?

When the face of the watch is near the terminal and the contactless symbol there is typically a red light that is on the sales terminal. When a green light shows up on the terminal right away you will hear a small beep. When this happens you know the contactless payment was a successful one. The green light indicates the data has been received by the terminal. However, if the sale is more than the 45 Euros (69 CAD) limit you will have to enter the watch PIN code.

The PIN code for your watch can be found on the MuchBetter mobile app once that account is paired with the phone.

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