Neteller is arguably one of the most popular e-wallets to date. It’s historic journey started over 20 years ago (1999), where just few customers here and there were able to transfer money between merchants – almost instantly. It’s safe to say we’ve come a long way from those times, but the core of Neteller and its services still remains the same.

Neteller has handled millions of transactions throughout its existence and has only gotten better over the years. Also, if you didn’t know, 5 years ago a huge merger was completed when PaySafe Group became the majority stakeholder of Neteller. Paysafe group also owns similar services such as PaySafeCard and Skrill.

In this review, you’re not only going to find out exactly how this Ewallet works, but how to get access to “hidden” VIP levels, if you choose to use this particular e-wallet.

Neteller for gambling

Neteller wasn’t originally meant for gambling, but it was pretty quick when online casinos around the world realized, that it’s going to make money transfers for players extremely quick and easy. It’s almost impossible to find an online casino nowadays that won’t support this, or other e-wallets as one of the payment methods.

Neteller is a fast and reliable way for players to add funds to their casino accounts, without any delays. Same goes for withdrawals, as these are usually processed automatically. Automatic withdrawals will be available on your account right away – no delays!

Using Neteller for gambling is not only fast, but also really cheap. There are basically no fees attached, when you transfer money from your Neteller account to your casino account. The only fee there might be, is related to currency conversions, but please note that almost all online casinos allow you to select your currency during the registration.

How to deposit on Neteller

Adding money to your account is fairly simple, and almost everyone is capable of doing it, even on their own! However, if you don’t have any previous experiences with e-wallets, we suggest you take a second to see how it all works.

To top up your account you obviously need cash in some form, if you wish to use one of these operators:

There is going to be fees during the transactions, but these can be minimised by taking advantage some of the hidden VIP perks we’ve got in store for you. You’ll find more info about those from here: Neteller fees

Neteller withdrawal – how do I get my money back to my bank account?

You have multiple different options of how you can use your balance. You can either withdraw it back to your bank account, or you can take advantage of the unique MasterCard. Net+ MasterCard is an virtual credit card that can be used to withdraw funds from the ATM, book hotels, pay for flights – you name it! Depending what VIP level you’re on, using the card comes with some fees attached to it as well – always check those regionally, as they are different for each country.

Even withdrawals are pretty fast on Neteller, as it only takes up to 3 to 5 business days usually, and you’ll have your funds back at your bank account. Please note, that in order to get the best out of Neteller’s withdrawal limits, you should try and climb the ladders of the VIP program. It’s pretty easy and doesn’t take much effort, if you’re determined to use Neteller as one of your main ways to move money around online. The more you use it, the cheaper it gets.

Neteller loyalty program & VIP shop

Loyalty programs and bonuses isn’t anything new, but when the program can actually earn you some money – it’s definitely something to look into! The more you use Neteller, the more you’re able to earn through the reward program. For every dollar you transfer, you’re going to earn VIP points. Once you’ve accumulated enough VIP points, you’re able to redeem them on VIP shop. Change them on cash or products – the choice is yours!

Bronze VIP Pro

Silver VIP

Gold VIPDiamond VIPExclusive VIP
Req. Transfers/YearFREE with EwalletVIP$7500 (Exclusive)$45,000$150,000$600,000
ATM Withdrawal fee1.75%$6$6$6$6
FX Fees3.79%3.19%2.79%2.39%1.29%
VIP manager--YesYesYes
Increased limitsYesYesYesYesYes
Next day payouts--YesYesYes
Daily ATM limit$3300$3300$3300$3300$3300


Neteller VIP Bronze Pro is only available through selected webpages, such as EwalletVIP. This level isn’t visible for regular users, so make sure you’ll get your by using our link to register your free Neteller account (the only way to obtain that special VIP level!).

Benefits of getting VIP Bronze Pro through us:

  • Automatic upgrade to VIP Bronze Pro
  • Account will be verified within 24 hours
  • Support available 24/7
  • Capped fees on money transfers

Neteller overview & FAQ

As stated earlier, Neteller is one of the best methods to move money around online. It’s not only the fastest, but also one of the safest methods available. Neteller is owned by a multi-billion-dollar company, which brings some added credibility for the service.

As a long time partner with Paysafe, we’re pretty confident when we say, that they may be the best Ewallet operator out there – and it’s not even a close competition.


  • Fast and instant payments anywhere in the world
  • Reliable and safe service
  • Easy to use
  • Ability to earn money back through reward program


  • Some of the currency conversion fees can be a bit hefty if you’re not VIP
  • Support might take 24 to 48 hrs to reply