Neteller NET+ plastic Mastercard

Neteller is the premier name in eWallets and with good reason with all it offers its members. The security cannot be beaten, it is simple to use, accepted around the world, has 24/7 customer security, has fast transactions, low fees, and a stellar VIP program. One of its products is the NET+Mastercard that is a prepaid card directly linked to your Neteller account. The card allows you to make purchases in person and online and use it to withdraw money at ATMs from around the world.

Neteller is also the choice of many people that play at online casinos, as it is hard to find reputable and legitimate ones that do not accept the trusted payment processing service as a banking method for deposits and withdrawals. The NET+Mastercard is also a great tool for taking care of financial transactions at online gaming sites.

NET+ Mastercard Security

One of the key things that online gamblers look for when playing online is safety and security. Well, the Neteller service and the NET+Mastercard offer top-notch security considering that it acts as a middle-man between your bank and the online casino. Because of that when using the card you are not sharing your personal or financial information with the gaming site. That can give you peace of mind when playing online, as you can keep your mind on the games 100% since you know your financial and personal information is 100% safe and secure.

The Net+ card, with it linked to your Neteller account, also accepts many currencies, which is another reason it is so popular with online gamblers. Since it does accept so many currencies you rarely lose money on currency conversions when you top off your online casino account using the card. To go even further, the fees for using Neteller at online gaming sites are very low and most of the time there is no fee for making a deposit. To go further once again, at most online casinos the processing time is instant when using the Net+Mastercard and the processing time for withdrawals is very fast.

How to get a NET+Mastercard

You can order the Net+ card free of charge through your Neteller account and it will be sent to you within 2-10 business days. Then you can activate the card and have instant access to the funds that are in your Neteller account.

Here is how you can order a Net+Mastercard:

  • When you sign in to your Neteller account click the Net+cards link.
  • Click the green button Get Net+ Prepaid Mastercard.
  • Confirm your mailing address.
  • Choose the currency you want for the card. Neteller recommends that for the card you choose the currency that matches the one in your Neteller account.
  • Choose a 4-digit PIN.
  • When you have selected the currency and your PIN press the green Confirm tab.
  • The card will be mailed to your address within 2-10 days.
  • There is a shipping fee of 10 euros, which will come from your Neteller account.

One of the convenient things about the Net+ Mastercard is that there is no need to load funds onto the card. This is because the card is linked to your Neteller account, as when you use the card it will take out funds from your Neteller account.

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Net+ Prepaid plastic Mastercard Fees

The benefit of using being able to spend your Neteller balance through the physical NET+card comes with various fees and charges. These fees can in some cases be reduced by climbing the Neteller VIP Program, for example the ATM withdrawal fee.

Annual card fee10$
Shipping & Handling fee13$
Replace lost card13$
ATM withdrawal fee1.75% (6$ cap for GoldVIP and higher)
Foreign Exchange Fee3.99%

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