Skrill VIP

Skrill is one of the most widely used eWallets in the world and there are many advantages to using the reputable payment processing service. It is simple to use, offers solid security, has fast processing times, and low fees. On top of that, it offers a fantastic VIP program where members can be handsomely rewarded with a slew of benefits.

There are four levels for the Skrill VIP program beginning with Bronze and moving up to Silver, Gold, and Diamond. You move up in levels not only the more you use your Skrill wallet but also by buying and selling cryptocurrency.

Here are some of the benefits that can be gained through the Skrill VIP-program:

  • Reduced foreign exchange fees
  • Lowered Skrill fees for transfers
  • Free Skrill Prepaid Mastercard®
  • Personal account manager
  • Priority bank uploads
  • Free bank withdrawals

Skrill is also one of the most popular payment services for people that gamble online. You will be hard-pressed to find an online casino, sportsbook, or poker room that does not accept Skrill as a banking method for both deposits and withdrawals. A few reasons that the payment processing service is used often by online gamblers is that it is simple and convenient to use, has low fees, usually has instant processing times for online gambling site deposits, fast processing times for withdrawals, and top-notch security.

Security is always an issue when it comes to online gambling. You want to make sure you are safe and secure with your money and personal details when gambling online. You can be sure you are secure playing at a licensed gambling site and by using Skrill. The reason is when you use Skrill you are not giving in the online gambling site your personal or financial information. If you gamble often online it is advantageous to be in the Skrill VIP program considering all the benefits you can receive.

Skrill VIP program

You will reach your VIP level by spending every quarter. The levels and spending break down as follows.

  • Bronze – Transact €6,000+ in a quarter (€3,000 with EwalletVIP)
  • Silver – Transact €15,000+ in a quarter (€5,000 with EwalletVIP)
  • Gold – Transact €45,000+ in a quarter
  • Diamond – Transact €90,000+ in a quarter

To maintain the VIP level, the same amount must be transacted each quarter. The quarterly periods are:

  • Quarter 1: January – March
  • Quarter 2: April – June
  • Quarter 3: July – September
  • Quarter 4: October – December

Here are some of the key benefits you will receive in each level of the Skrill VIP program.

  • Bronze – Dedicated 24/7 customer support.
  • Silver – Dedicated 24/7 customer support, +1 multi-currency account, and priority bank uploads.
  • Gold – Dedicated 24/7 customer support, +2 multi-currency accounts, and priority bank uploads, and a personal account manager.
  • Diamond – Dedicated 24/7 customer support, +3 multi-currency accounts, and priority bank uploads, and a personal account manager.

Being in the Skrill VIP program will also get you a better value on certain things and the higher the level the better the value. Here are the value breakdowns for each of the levels.

  • Bronze – a 1.45% fee on transactions when sending money, no cap to send money, a bank withdrawal fee of €5.50, and a lower FX fee of 3.79%.
  • Silver – No fee on transactions when sending money, zero send money fee cap, free bank withdrawal fees, and a lower FX fee of 2.89%.
  • Gold – No fee on transactions when sending money, zero send money fee cap, free bank withdrawal fees, and a lower FX fee of 2.59%.
  • Diamond – No fee on transactions when sending money, zero send money fee cap, free bank withdrawal fees, and a lower FX fee of 1.99%.

As you can see the higher level you are in the more benefits you will receive and the lower fees you will have for transactions.

Required transactions to merchants€15,000 for regular customers / €5000 for EwalletVIP€45,000 for regular customers / €15000 for EwalletVIP€90,000 in a quarter
Multi-currency account+1 account+2 accounts+3 accounts
Personal Account Manager-YesYes
Priority bank uploads-YesYes
Send Money Fee FreeFreeFree
Bank withdrawal feeFreeFreeFree
Foreign exchange fee (FX)2.89%2.59%1.99%

Skrill VIP upgrade

Customers who register at Skrill through EwalletVIP have greatly reduced requirements for the VIP levels meaning that you will reach each of the levels far quicker than a regular customer. Depending on your transaction habits this can potentially save you a fortune in reduced fees and added benefits. Check out our guide on how to register at Skrill and get signed up: Register at Skrill

EwalletVIP provides customers with a free Skrill VIP Upgrade for the first two steps of the VIP ladder: Silver VIP once the required €5000 has been transferred to a merchant, and Skrill Gold VIP once €15,000 has been transferred. These requirements for regular customers who do not sign up through EwalletVIP is €15,000 and €50,000 respectively, so the decrease in requirement very significant. This service is provided completely free of charge for new customers signing up through EwalletVIP.

Note: Fast tracking accounts to the various VIP levels is a one time service that we are able to provide, so if you happen to drop down to a lower VIP level, you will have to climb up a the ladder again as a regular customer.

How to get Skrill VIP

Getting Skrill VIP is an easy, straightforward process that gets even easier by joining through EwalletVIP. The tiers in their VIP program are simple to follow and the progress can be tracked while logged in to your Skrill account. In order to get Skrill VIP, simply follow these steps:

  • Create & submit your Skrill account in the form below. If you already have an account – submit it as an existing account and we can see if it can be retagged!
  • Complete the verification of your Skrill account by submitting the required documents.
  • Transfer the required €5000 (€15,000 for regular customers)
  • All done! You are now fast tracked to SilverVIP. Once reaching the €15,000 threshold for GoldVIP, this will be automatically applied for you as well.

Skrill VIP summary

Not only is the Skrill eWallet great for online gaming transactions but they have other products that can do so as well such as the Skrill 1-tap and Skrill prepaid Mastercard. The 1-tap is a mobile app, which makes it possible to make deposits and withdrawals at the online casino you play at from your mobile phone. The prepaid Mastercard is a physical debit card that you can top off from your Skrill eWallet and then make financial transactions at the online casino you play at. These are two solid Skrill products that are great for online gamblers and not only that but like the regular eWallet for every transaction made it can help you get to a higher level in the VIP program.

The Skrill VIP program is a solid one that offers you many benefits. This is especially the case if you gamble online often since with every Skrill transaction made at an online gaming website you can move up in the VIP program to get even better benefits.

Apply for Skrill fast track

Step 1: Create an account at Skrill below! If you already have an account, choose "Existing account"
Step 2: Fill in your details below!
skrill fast track

Avoiding them completely is impossible but you can certainly pay less! Make sure you get fast tracked through the VIP system by signing up through EwalletVIP.

Silver VIP does have fees, but they are far lower than if your account is not on a VIP level.

No. Deposits to merchants are completely free for the customer.

The VIP levels are calculated quarterly and adjusted every day automatically once the requirements have been reached.