Neteller in India

Neteller is one of the most popular and reputable eWallets in the world. There are millions of people that use the payment processing company to send and receive money, make purchases online, and buy and sell cryptocurrency. The main reasons the eWallet is so popular is that it is simple to use, offers ton notch security for financial transactions, has low fees, and has fast processing times. Many people in India use Neteller for those reasons and it is also used by many Indian punters that gamble online.

Using Neteller at Indian online gaming sites, or gaming sites anywhere in the world for that matter, is a win-win situation. First of all it is hard to find an online casino, sportsbook, or poker room  that does not accept Neteller for making deposits and withdrawals. On top of that processing times are almost always instant and there are many gaming sites that have special bonuses for promotions for players that use Neteller.

When it comes to Indians that gamble online Neteller is often used considering that the Indian rupee is one of the many currencies that the eWallet supports. Because of this at Indian gaming sites players that have their Neteller account in rupees and play at Indian gaming sites, which obviously take rupees, are not charged a FX fee. Even if an Indian player decides to try their luck at a gaming site that does not accept rupees they will be charged an FX fee but a small one. To further that in the Neteller VIP program the higher level you are in the program the lower the FX fees will be.

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Neteller VIP 

Neteller has a VIP program where you can get some great benefits. The program is a tiered ones with the levels of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The more money in transactions you make the higher the level you will be in. Here is a breakdown of the money that needs to be transacted for each of the levels.

  • Bronze – $10,000 (745,000 INR) transfer to merchant per calendar year.
  • Bronzse VIP Pro – Instant through EwalletVIP.
  • Silver – $7,500 through EwalletVIP
  • Gold – $100,000 (7.45 million INR) transfer to merchant per calendar year.
  • Platinum – $500,000 (37 million INR) transfer to merchant per calendar year.
  • Diamond – $200,000 (149 million INR) transfer to merchant per calendar year.

The higher level you are in for the Neteller VIP program the more benefits you can receive. Here are the benefits for the VIP program:

  • Multiple Currency Accounts
  • Enhanced VIP Customer Support
  • Discounted Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Guaranteed Limit Increase
  • Flexible Transaction Limits
  • Next Day Payouts
  • Increased ATM Withdrawal Limits
  • Lower FX Fees
  • Free Money Transfers
  • Exclusive VIP Promotions
EwalletVIP customersRegular customers
SILVER VIP REQUIREMENT $7500 in transactions$50,000 in transactions
Verification time24 hours2-3 days

Depositing to Neteller in India

It is an easy process for both topping up your Neteller account and making deposits from Neteller to the online gambling site that you play at. To deposit rupees into your Neteller account simply input the amount you want to transfer from an Indian bank to your Neteller account. There is a 2.5% deposit fee, which can be lower if you are in the VIP program.

if your Neteller account is in rupees you will not be charged a FX fee. However, if it in another currency you will be charged a FX fee of 3.9% but, again, this can be lower if you are in the VIP program. You can have multiple currency accounts if you are in the VIP program, as in the Silver level you can have one, two in the Gold level, and three of them in the Platinum and Diamond level.

Here is the process for depositing money from your Neteller account to the online gaming site you play at:

  • Login to the gaming site and go to the casher or banking section and click on deposit.
  • You will usually see the Neteller logo or text and click on that.
  • Input the amount of money you want to transfer from your Neteller account to your online gaming site.
  • Confirm the transaction.
  • Start to play! (the processing times is almost always instantaneous and if you do not see the money right away in your online gaming account contact the sites customer service department. You can also check your Neteller account to see of the money has been transferred.

Withdrawing from Neteller in India

When you withdraw from Neteller to your Indian bank account you have some options. You can transfer rupees to tour bank account from the eWallet or from a Neteller prepaid card. There is also a direct transfer option but that comes with more scrutiny from the bank, which may flag the transaction if it is from gambling. By using this option you

Here are the steps to take to withdraw money from your gaming site to your Neteller account:

  • Login to the online gaming site.
  • Go to the banker or casher section and click on withdraw.
  • Choose the Neteller option.
  • Input the amount of money to withdraw from your online gaming account to your Neteller account.
  • Confirm the transaction.

The processing times for withdrawals will differ from gaming site to gaming site. However, by using Neteller the withdrawal times are typically done in a prompt manner. Also, the online gaming site may also have a withdrawal fee. If you are withdrawing money from the gaming site to Neteller that is not the same currency you will be charged a FX fee. To mention it again if you are in the VIP program that fee will be lower the higher level you are in.

Neteller Verification in India

All customers need to at one point verify the Neteller account. The process is a simple one and verification is needed for higher limits for deposits and withdrawals at online gaming sites. Also, if you want to be in the VIP program you will need to verify your account.

To verify your account you will have to download the Neteller mobile application and allow access to your smartphone’s camera. Or you can use the desktop version of Neteller and your webcam for face verification. You will also need some form of identification such as a passport, driver’s license, or Aadhaar card.

Here is the process for verifying your account:

  • Login to your Neteller account.
  • In the Settings go to Account Verification Box and click on Verify Now.
  • Choose one of the two options of downloading the Neteller mobile app and then use your phone’s camera to take photos of your ID document and upload them in the Neteller verification system. Or you can upload the photos of your ID document, as well as a photo of you where you will need to have your webcam turned on.
  • In the FAST option you will give information about your resident country of India and pick the preferred ID document.
  • Upload photos of your ID card or take photos with your webcam.
  • Upload the front of the ID card or take a snapshot using your webcam. You will have to have color and a high resolution image for the document to be accepted.
  • Upload the backside of your ID document.
  • You will need face verification and the system will access the webcam you are using to take a selfie.
  • Center the camera and then press Continue.
  • Frame your face in middle of the screen and then click Start.
  • You have submitted a facial image to the verification system.
  • You have submitted the ID documents and Neteller will then review them and when the verification process is a successful one you will receive an e-mail.
  • Typically the verification process takes two business days.

How to register at Neteller in India

To sign up your Neteller account in India through EwalletVIP, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up at Neteller using our link, and we will fast track you to Bronze VIP Pro.
  2. Verify your Neteller account. For more info on this, check out our dedicated guide here!
  3. Create an account at EwalletVIP to follow your transaction amounts and request VIP boost once requirements are met!

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