Skrill Canada

Skrill is a very popular and well known Ewallet, and widely used among Canadians to make a lot of different transactions. Skrill even allows for customers to create the account in Canadian dollars (CAD) meaning its possible to completely avoid all conversion fees when depositing too and withdrawing from the Skrill account. The service can be used for everything from sending and receiving money, depositing to online casinos, buying cryptocurrency and every day purchases.

Skrill is an accepted banking method at essentially all Canadian online casinos making it the most common everyday choice for these transactions. Since Skrill is so widely accepted by online casinos for deposits and withdrawals, a common miss-conception is often that this is the main purpose for using this Ewallet. This is far from true, as Skrill Canada customers fulfil several purposes such as:

  • Send and receive money from all around the world.
  • Online shopping.
  • Shop online.
  • Buy & sell cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Using Skrill for financial transactions adds an extra layer of security, as it acts as a middleman between a Canadian Bank account and the merchant the funds are used at. This keeps the bank details private from the merchant as well as makes it easy for the customer to control spending as the Skrill funds are separate from the regular bank balance.

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Skrill VIP

Skrill Canada customers are able to climb the ladders of the Skrill VIP Program, which provides huge benefits. The program is free to join, and has four tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold & Diamond. The more transactions made from the Skrill account to merchants, the higher the account climbs in the VIP ladder. Buying cryptocurrency also accounts for the VIP climb which makes it a common transaction form for customers who want to climb that final tier.

Some of the benefits offered through the Skrill VIP program are:

  • Lowered fees
  • Increased transaction limits
  • Dedicated 24/7 customer support

The VIP program is based on quarterly transaction totals, meaning that all transactions you make during a quarter adds up and decides what VIP level your account ends up on. The level requirements are broken down as follows:

  • Bronze – Transact €6000+ in a quarter (€3000 with EwalletVIP)
  • Silver – Transact €15000+ in a quarter (€5000 with EwalletVIP)
  • Gold – Transact €45000+ in a quarter
  • Diamond – Transact €90000+ in a quarter

A 24h dedicated support service is provider once you reach the lowest VIP tier Bronze. Silver VIP is the first level that provides the option of creating a secondary account in a new currency, and Gold increases this to 2 extra accounts.

What many customers see as one of the main benefits of climbing the tiers in the Skrill VIP program, is the fact that the conversion fees decrease. Even though Skrill accounts can be created in CAD, a lot of customers choose to use other currencies such as USD or EUR for deposits to online casinos as CAD sometimes is not an option at the casino. For non-VIPs the FX fee is 3.99%, but once you start climbing the Skrill VIP tiers it starts getting lower:

  • Bronze – 3.79%
  • Silver – 2.89%
  • Gold – 2.59%
  • Diamond – 1.99%

If you are a regular player at online casinos or bookmakers, you will very quickly notice that climbing the VIP tiers of the Skrill VIP program benefits you greatly through its many perks.

Withdrawing from Skrill to Canadian Bank Account

Withdrawing from your Skrill account to a Canadian bank account is very quick and easy.

  1. Go to the Withdraw section of the Skrill account.
  2. Click on Withdraw now under the Bank account tab.
  3. Choose the bank account you want to withdraw to, and click Next. If there are no bank accounts added, simply click Add Bank account first and submit your details there.
  4. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw, and click Next.

The withdrawal fee when it comes to bank withdrawals lands at 1.75% of the transaction amount, with a maximum of €11 (17 CAD). If you are withdrawing from a difference currency than your than what your bank account is created in, its also possible that your local bank takes out a conversion fee. This fee would however be out of Skrills control.

Skrill in Canada with EwalletVIP

Registering at Skrill in Canada through EwalletVIP gives you lowered requirements for both Bronze VIP and Silver VIP in the Skrill VIP-program. Instead €6000 in merchant transfers for Bronze VIP and €15,000 for Silver VIP, EwalletVIP customers have the requirements lowered to just €3000 for Bronze and €5000 for Silver.

Regular customersEwalletVIP customers
Bronze VIP€6000 in transactions€3000 in transactions
Silver VIP€15000 in transactions€5000 in transactions
2-3 days2-3 days24 hours

Apply for Skrill fast track

Step 1: Create an account at Skrill below! If you already have an account, choose "Existing account"
Step 2: Fill in your details below!
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Yes. Skrill accepts customers from Canada and allows for deposits from, and withdrawals to Canadian bank accounts.

Skrills VIP program is available for Canadian customers, and signing up through EwalletVIP gives you lower targets for both Bronze VIP and Silver VIP.

The fees you pay for using your Skrill account depends on your VIP level, and can be lowered by climbing the VIP tiers.

Yes, its possible to withdraw funds from Skrill to a Canadian bank account. Skrill also supports creating the account in CAD as main currency, which allows for avoiding conversion fees.