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Skrill VIP-program

The VIP program at Skrill gives customers the chance to decrease the fees they pay for many of the different transactions through their account, and at the same time improve the various benefits offered. There are a large number of various benefits to be gained besides lowered fees; including 24/7 support and 100% anti fraud money back guarantee as well as being able to open additional accounts in different currencies. The VIP tiers are all reached by simply transferring funds from your Skrill account to different merchants.

Here are some of the benefits that can be gained through the Skrill VIP-program:

  • Reduced foreign exchange fees
  • Lowered Skrill fees for transfers
  • Free Skrill Prepaid Mastercard®
  • Personal account manager
  • Priority bank uploads
  • Free bank withdrawals

Requirements for Skrill VIP

Reaching each of the different tiers of the Skrill VIP program is very straight forward, since all you need to do is to actually transfer funds from your Skrill account to a merchant. Currently there are a total of 4 different tiers to be reached: Bronze, Silver, Gold & Diamond. Here is a full breakdown on how to reach the different tiers and what benefits that comes with it:


Required transactions to merchants

Multi-currency account

Personal Account Manager

Priority bank uploads

Send Money Fee 

Bank withdrawal fee

Foreign exchange fee (FX)


€6000 for regular customers / €3000 with EwalletVIP




1.45%, min fee € 0.50




€15,000 for regular customers / €5000 for EwalletVIP

+1 account







€45,000 for regular customers / €15000 for EwalletVIP

+2 accounts







€90,000 in a quarter

+3 accounts






Skrill VIP fast track

Customers who register at Skrill through EwalletVIP have greatly reduced requirements for the VIP levels meaning that you will reach each of the levels far quicker than a regular customer. Depending on your transaction habits this can potentially save you a fortune in reduced fees and added benefits. Check out our guide on how to register at Skrill and get signed up: Register at Skrill

Note: Fast tracking accounts to the various VIP levels is a one time service that we are able to provide, so if you happen to drop down to a lower VIP level, you will have to climb up a the ladder again as a regular customer.

Can I avoid Skrill fees?

Avoiding them completely is impossible but you can certainly pay less! Make sure you get fast tracked through the VIP system by signing up through EwalletVIP.

Does Silver VIP have any fees?

Silver VIP does have fees, but they are far lower than if your account is not on a VIP level.

Do I have to pay Skrill fees when transferring money to merchants?

No. Deposits to merchants are completely free for the customer.

How long do I stay on a VIP level after reaching it?

The VIP levels are calculated quarterly and adjusted every day automatically once the requirements have been reached.

Last Updated on September 22, 2020