How to register at Neteller

Signing up an account at Neteller is very quick and easy, and doing it through EwalletVIP brings tons of added benefits! Follow the following steps to get started with one of the most popular ewallet options available.

  • 1.) Create Neteller account

    Clear cookies in your browser and create your account using our link. If you do not register through EwalletVIP you will be eligible for VIP-boost to Bronze VIP Pro

  • 2.) Create your EwalletVIP account

    Sign up your account at EwalletVIP and submit your account number to make sure that your account is tracked correctly to EwalletVIP and ready to get upgraded!

  • 4.) Get boosted!

    Once your account is fully verified, we can upgrade your account to Bronze VIP Pro to ensure that you can enjoy lowered fees, increased transaction limits and tons of other benefits! Submit your details either through your EwalletVIP account or the form below and we will upgrade your account within 72h.

Frequently asked questions

If you have an existing account at Neteller we can submit it for a retag. Submit the account through our application form and comment that it’s an old account and we will do our best to try and retag it!

You sure do! Signing up your Neteller account through EwalletVIP gives tons of benefits, for example instant VIP upgrade.

Yes! Even though Neteller and Skrill are owned by the same company, you are allowed to have accounts at with services.

After signing up your account with us, you need to make sure that we receive your account details. To do this, either use the Application for or sign up your EwalletVIP customer account and submit it there!