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Skrill is a very popular eWallet that has a great reputation and allows you to send and receive money from all over the world including NZ. Not only is New Zealand one of the 200 countries where you can send and receive money, but the New Zealand Dollar is one of the currencies that the payment processing service accepts. Not only can you send and receive money using Skrill, but you can also buy cryptocurrencies, get special treatment in the VIP program, and shop online.

Skrill is simple to use, has low fees, top-notch security, 24/7 customer service, fast processing times, and a great VIP program for loyal users. Not only that but the reputable payment processing service is accepted at almost all New Zealand online casinos as well as most others around the world.

Many online gamblers use Skrill, as it offers great security, fast processing times for casino deposits and withdrawals, and low if any fees. If you play at an online casino that does not take the New Zealand Dollar you can exchange them into another currency that the casino accepts at a low fee, which is even lower the higher level you are at in the Skrill VIP program. Playing at an online casino using Skrill offers you airtight security since you will not be sharing your personal or financial information with that gaming site.

Another advantage of using Skrill at New Zealand online casinos or any the world over is that you can find bonuses and promotions for using the payment processing service. Look around and you can find these bonuses for using Skrill, as they are a great way to add to your gaming bankroll.

Opening a Skrill account is simple and it is also simple to link it to a New Zealand bank account.

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Skrill VIP

The Skrill VIP program is one where you will be rewarded with more transactions you make and the more money you make in those transactions. There are four levels in the VIP program with more benefits the higher the level you are in. The level you start in, for the free to join Skrill VIP program, is Bronze and moving up to Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

A few of the benefits from being in the VIP program include lower fees, enhanced 24/7 customer support, and higher transaction limits. The way the Skrill VIP program works is the more money in transactions you make quarterly the higher level you will be in and therefore the more benefits you will receive.

The quarterly transaction numbers corresponding to the levels in the Skrill VIP program are:

  • Bronze – Transact €6000 (10,600 NZD)+ in a quarter (€3000 with EwalletVIP)
  • Silver – Transact €15000 (26,500 NZD)+ in a quarter (€5000 with EwalletVIP)
  • Gold – Transact €45000 (79,700 NZD)+ in a quarter
  • Diamond – Transact €90000 (159.450 NZD)+ in a quarter

In each of the four levels of the Skrill VIP program, you will get enhanced 24/7 customer support. In the Silver, Gold, and Diamond levels you will receive priority bank uploads and +1 multi-currency accounts, +2 multi-currency accounts, and +3 multi-currency accounts, respectively. Also, in the Gold and Diamond level of the program, you will have your very own personal account manager.

The other advantage of being in the Skrill VIP program is the higher level you are in the lower your FX fees will be. Even though Skrill accepts the New Zealand Dollar if you do have to exchange currencies, for example depositing at an online casino that does not accept the NZD, you can get a lower currency exchange rate the higher the level you are in. Normally, the FX rate is 3.99 but for the VIP program it is:

  • Bronze – 3.79%
  • Silver – 2.89%
  • Gold – 2.59%
  • Diamond – 1.99%

No matter what you use Skrill for from making online purchases to deposits and withdrawals from online casinos to buying cryptocurrencies to simply transferring money abroad it gives you many advantages in being in the free-to-join Skrill VIP program.

Withdrawing from Skrill to NZ Bank Account

It is simple and fast to make withdrawals from your Skrill account to your New Zealand bank account. It is also simple to top-off your Skrill account using funds from your bank account. However, first things first, as to do these things you will have to verify your bank account. To do this you will have to get the SWIFT code from your new Zealand bank and then send it to Skrill as well as information such as a bank account statement or even a screenshot of the statement.

Once you have verified your New Zealand bank account linking it to Skrill you can make deposits and withdrawals.

To transfer funds from your Skrill account to your New Zealand bank account you will have to:

  • Login to your Skrill account.
  • Pick your New Zealand bank account as the place you want to the Skrill funds to be sent.
  • Choose the amount of money that you want to be sent from Skrill to your New Zealand bank account.
  • Confirm the transaction.

When you make a withdrawal from Skrill to your New Zealand bank account there is a fee of 1.75% of the transaction. One of the nice things is that for the withdrawal to a New Zealand bank account is there is no FX fee considering Skrill accepts New Zealand Dollars.

Skrill in NZ with EwalletVIP

Signing up at Skrill in NZ through EwalletVIP gives you lowered requirements for both Bronze VIP and Silver VIP in the Skrill VIP program. Instead €6000 in transfers for Bronze VIP and €15,000 for Silver VIP, EwalletVIP customers have the requirements lowered to just €3000 for Bronze and €5000 for Silver.

Regular customersEwalletVIP customers
Bronze VIP€6000 in transactions€3000 in transactions
Silver VIP€15000 in transactions€5000 in transactions
Verification time2-3 days24 hours

How to register at Skrill in New Zealand

To sign up your Skrill account in New Zealand through EwalletVIP, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up at Skrill using our link
  2. Verify your Skrill account. For more info on this, check out our guide here!
  3. Create an account at EwalletVIP to follow your transaction amounts and request VIP boost once requirements are met!

Apply for Skrill fast track

Step 1: Create an account at Skrill below! If you already have an account, choose "Existing account"
Step 2: Fill in your details below!
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