Skrill verification

Getting your account Verified

After you have create your account you will want to verify Skrill. Verified accounts allow you to have higher transaction limits, extra withdrawal methods as ATM . Most importantly it allows you to get Silver VIP and 0.3% cashback though eWalllet VIP. Verifying your account takes very little time and is even faster though eWallet VIP.

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skrill verification


Increasing your limits is usually a matter of providing additional account verifications which is quick and easy. You can find out what your current limits are in the Limits & Verification, located in the Settings section of your Skrill account.

Once you have started using your account to make transactions, you will be given the option to provide means of identity to verify Skrill. By uploading a clear, legible, valid and unaltered scanned colour copy or photo of one of the following documents:

  • The front and back of your driving license
  • The photo page of your passport
  • Front and back of your national ID card
  • Address verification document
  • Face match/selfie picture of your ID

You can start the process of uploading a copy of your photo identification documents by clicking on the orange banner, visible after you login to your Skrill wallet.

Skrill verify


Now you have your account verified you can submit it for the eWallet VIP bonus program and receive an extra 0.3% cashback and reduced VIP targets.

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