MuchBetter Winwatch

MuchBetter is a very popular payment processing service and it teamed up with the reputable Winwatch to put out the smartwatch of the MuchBetter Winwatch. Now right from your wrist, you not only have a very sleek and attractive watch but one that supports functionality for smart payments. Because of that you can use the watch for financial transactions at online gambling websites as well as using it anywhere that accepts Mastercard contactless payments.

MuchBetter is one of the newer names in the payment processing game launching in 2017. However, it has become very popular very quickly and it is an optimal service that specializes in online transactions at online casinos. MuchBetter offers the utmost in ease and convenience in financial transactions and security using it is top-notch, which is vital when using the payment service to top off your account at an online gaming website.

Devices that come along with Ewallets is nothing new in itself, seeing as both Skrill and Neteller have offered an extra layer of security with their physical code generators in the past. Will this set a new standard for Ewallets going forward, and become a staple for the competitors as well?

How do I get a Muchbetter Winwatch?

The MuchBetter Winwatch can be paired with your mobile device and then you can use it to make financial transactions. You can buy a Winwatch through the MuchBetter application and you can also get it directly from the Winwatch website. Quick transactions are then available after pairing with your MuchBetter mobile app and the watch comes with a two-year guarantee.

To go even further in terms of security after every five transactions using the Winwatch, you will need to login to your MuchBetter app and unfreeze the service. This is a great feature, as it minimizes the risk of fraud and unauthorized transactions.

At any time you can also freeze the service, which can protect you if you want to take off the watch for any reason and it is stolen or lost. If the MuchBetter service is frozen on the WinWatch no person will be able to use the watch to make a financial transaction until you unfreeze it with a PIN code of your choosing.

While the MuchBetter WinWatch can be used to make deposits at online gaming sites it cannot be used for withdrawals. To do that you will have to use the MuchBetter service through your mobile application, which is just as easy.

The maximum amount you can make in payments from the Winwatch is 50 Euros (or currency equivalent) but you can make a higher payment if at the time of payment if you input the PIN for the watch.

The Winwatch is the first of its kind that uses STISS payment glass. The glass is made of sapphire, which is the second hardest mineral on the planet after diamonds. The scratch-resistant glass has the payment technology sealed within it with a notch-protected chip that is hidden inside a coat of silver. The watch is very sleek and attractive with a black face and band, has such features as date Indication and 60 second counter, and is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

Winwatch for Online Gambling

Not only can you use the MuchBetter Winwatch at some of the most popular and reputable online gaming sites but anywhere that accepts Mastercard contact payments. All you have to do is place the watch near the middle of the contactless symbol at any restaurant, café, or retail location and when you hear a small beep you know the payment was a successful one.

We all know smartwatches are hugely popular these days. They can do many things that make life a little more convenient. Now with the MuchBetter Winwatch, you can use it to make financial transactions and easily top off your online casino account. Not only that but the watch is extremely attractive with many great features giving you the best of both worlds.

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Last Updated on October 2, 2020