Skrill adds Skriller & Skriller Verified VIP-levels

Great news for account holders at Skrill. From 3rd of November, Skrill have announced that they are introducing two new VIP-levels to their repertoire. The new levels are replacing the current Bronze VIP level that for regular customers required €6000 transactions (€3000 for EwalletVIP customers). Customers that are current on the Bronze VIP level when Skriller & Skriller Verified are introduced, will then move over to Skriller/Skriller verified or meet the requirements for the Silver VIP level.

Skriller & Skrill verified

The new VIP levels are outlined as follows:

SkrillerSkriller Verified
Skrill to Skrill transfer fee2.99%Free

The requirements for moving over the Skriller Verified are very straight forward and easy to achieve for all customers.

  • Make at least one deposit
  • Fully verify the Skrill account
  • Download the Skrill app

These are requirements all account holders should complete when the account is created, so should not be any problem for any account holder.

Lowered fees at Skrill

What the new VIP level primarily introduces is an easy way for Skrill account holders to remove the fee for sending funds to another Skrill account. This fee is something that customers overall have complained about as it’s relatively high compared to other ewallet options. New customers registering through EwalletVIP are still able to enjoy a fast track to Silver VIP.

Apply for Skrill fast track

Step 1: Create an account at Skrill below! If you already have an account, choose "Existing account"
Step 2: Fill in your details below!
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