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Neteller in India

For Indian players, using foreign 3rd party services has always been a bit tricky one. Currently there are no laws that would forbid Indian players using ewallets like Neteller – which is obviously a good thing. The only problem that Indian players usually face when using Neteller, is the fact that Indian government regulates the amount of money Indian people can transfer outside the borders of its country. In a way this makes sense, but if you’re like us and want to spend your hard earned money wherever you want, this can be a bit problematic at times.

In this article, we’ll show you how Neteller works in India, and we’ll give you some useful tips of how you’re able to use Neteller when transferring money, or sending money to merchants. If you’re interested in online gambling and how Neteller can help you, it’s recommended that you keep reading!


Neteller VIP Program – India

Neteller VIP Program is extremely popular amongst Indian players, since it’s a way to earn money back, if you’re actively moving money around by using your Neteller account. If you’re playing on online casino’s (or sending money to any other merchant that accepts Neteller as their payment method), you’re going to get a lot of different benefits in terms of lower fees, higher deposit limits, etc.

Neteller in India – how to get instant VIP level 

If you don’t want to waste your time by making tens of deposits while you’re waiting your VIP status to get upgraded, you have another option to do it faster:

  1. Sign up through eWalletVIP (click here)
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  3. Enjoy your instantly added benefits, such as lowered fees, VIP support and much more!

Yes, you did absolutely understand that right. You can join the Neteller VIP program by using our Neteller VIP Boost to get to the exclusive VIP level right away.

Other VIP levels are:

  • Bronze VIP
  • Silver VIP (instead of 50 000 $ deposits, you can gain this level through us with only 7 500 $ in deposits)
  • Gold VIP
  • Platinum VIP
  • Diamond VIP


Neteller for online gambling

The only problem you may face when trying to use Neteller for online gambling, is the fact that not all banks are going to process your deposits to Neteller. It’s a trial and error -type of thing, where you need to find out which banks are the most favourable when transferring money out of India (Neteller is registered outside India).

Other than that, there are no legal obstacles on your way.



Is Neteller legal in India?

Yes, Neteller is completely legal payment provider in India

Can I use Neteller to deposit on gambling sites?

Yes. Only thing that can deny that is the fact that your bank won’t allow you to transfer money to your Neteller account, but please note, that not all the banks do this.

Can I withdraw money back to my bank account from Neteller?

Yes. Make sure you fill in all the details when registering your account, and you can withdraw your funds back to your bank account.

Can I use the Neteller MasterCard in India?

Unfortunately Neteller MasterCard isn’t available in India at the moment.

Last Updated on October 9, 2020