Skrill VIP update

As EwalletVIP could report back in November, Skrill have been planning on big changes to the different tiers in their VIP program. Skriller and Skriller Verified are being introduced as a replacement for the Bronze VIP tier as the lower end of the program. The new tiers would give customers an easy way of removing the Skrill to Skrill transfer fee by only verifying the account and making one single deposit to the Skrill account from any of the available payment method for the account holders region. The introduction of the new levels have now been slightly delayed, and likely to be fully added some time during Q1 2021.

Skrill Bronze VIP removed

As part of introducing Skriller and Skriller verified, Bronze VIP is to be removed as a tier of the Skrill VIP program. Even though the new tiers have been delayed, the Bronze VIP tier is no longer available in the Skrill VIP program and it’s not possible to reach this tier.

Customers that are already on the Bronze VIP tier, will retain this status and keep all the benefits of the VIP level up until the end of the year, at December 31st. These benefits include:

  • Reduced Send money fee
  • Reduced Foreign exchange fee
  • Increased transaction limits

Skrill VIP upgrades still possible

The changes to the Skrill VIP Programs lower tiers do not affect the remaining tiers of the VIP program, and EwalletVIP customers are still eligible for fast track to Silver VIP after transferring 5000$ to merchants. Skrill Silver is the tier in the program where the major benefits start kicking in, such as:

  • Free bank withdrawals
  • Free send money fees
  • Multi-currency accounts
  • Priority bank uploads

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